The Protocol box

Behind The Protocol Box. If you are a solo esthetician or manage a large spa, you always look for ways to increase your traffic and revenue by offering new and exciting treatments. Many times, you spend countless hours researching a brand, then you must obtain training that works within your schedule, and finally spend money on products to try the treatment and protocols for yourself or with your staff. That is where The Protocol Box can save you time, money and headaches.

Box features:

•  Professional Products

•  Product Knowledge Training
•  Protocol
•  Products included in protocol
•  Marketing Ideas of new protocol 

•  Forms for intake and post care*

•  Marketing Materials you can brand with your logo *

*Box Contents vary, check description of each before purchasing. 

The Protocol Box is ideal because you don’t have to subscribe. There will be a set number of monthly boxes sold. If you are a TPB customer, you get first chance at the next months box. You choose the protocols that you would like to incorporate into your practice and skip the ones you don’t! Once the boxes are sold you, they are gone.

Cost will vary depending on protocol included. 

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Q&A: What is the cost? Cost of the box will vary depending on protocol included. Are these single treatments? Each box will include enough product for several treatments. Make sure to read the box notes prior to purchase to see what is included. Will any of these items need equipment? There will be some that require purchase of equipment that will not be supplied. For instance, if you are looking at a modality specific protocol box, you should already own that equipment. If you are looking to purchase equipment, we can offer you suggestions of reputable equipment sales. Can I do these Protocols with my license? The Protocol Box is not responsible for your license or state regulations. Please check with your boards and your insurance company before purchasing The Protocol Box, using the contents or protocols on yourself or in your facility.