Professional cbd back bar


MAVrx™ CBD ProSerum+™

Created with a custom blend of beneficial oils, vitamins, Organic CBD and terpenes. 

ProSerum+™ was developed to compliment your current back bar, so there is no

need to change your entire line. 

Learn More About MAVrx ProSerum and its ingredients. 

ProSerum+ is available to licensed professionals at roughly $2.00 per service to add on.

Available for order, shipments 2/22/19

MAVrx  - Serum+ for homecare available for retail.  

(PL options available  for home care, not for back bar) 

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Beard Serum+


Perfect for your Monthly Man Facial or routine home care


Beard Serum+ can be used as a stand-alone shaving lubricant, as a pre-shave underneath shaving cream, soap or gel, or used post shave.

Extremely beneficial for clients prone to folliculitis or acne as the proprietary blend of terpenes have the following benefits: 

  • Anti Inflammatory  
  • Anti Fungal
  • Anti Viral
  • Anti Inflammatory

Available for order, shipments 3/2/19

MAVrx pro powder+



 · Rich in amino acids

· Anti-inflammatory 

· antiseptic 

· Over 30 antioxidants 

· Purifying properties 

· Natural detox to filter toxin within skin layers

· Assist the formation of collagen

· Skin glow

· Minimize Dark circle 

· Fights acne 

· Rich in biotin, folic acid, vitamin C and E 

· Natural booster to increase blood circulation 

· help protect skin against the damaging effects of sun

Available for order, shipments 3/22/19

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New and Exciting Products Coming

We have 2 more new and exciting products coming out. 

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